Honor The Journey

Learning to love yourself will be hard but the experience will humble your growth.

Unity Is Everything

This is the hardest question to answer, honestly. There are so many things a person wants to say but just bite their lips and say what’s “socially correct”. Plus, I’ve never been good at talking about myself. So, I’ll break the ice with a short but hopefully sweet intro! I have no introduction to who I am but I can give you a warm welcome into what should have been a proper intro. By the end of this journey with you guys (because all good things must come to an end) I hope to know why God placed me here. Im hoping my relationship with god becomes stronger as this journey continues. Hopefully, we’ll be able to help each other figure out our purpose. In order to move forward in a healthy manner The past has to be addressed along with the topics we don’t like to heal. As well as hearing others story may inspire us. Everyday we are growing and learning more and more about ourselves. It can be scary, confusing and lonely at times. So, my blog is for laying it all out there to heal and move forward. It’s about making mistakes and learning to take advice. It’s about discussing the taboo topics that people act like don’t exist……because it’s considered “taboo”. Loves, time is too short to play. So, let’s get this thing called “life” right together! Because, I don’t know about you guys but I need help! Lol

Healing your mind will heal your soul❤️